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Living Incurably Compressed, Part II


As I talked about in Part I of this post, my electrophysiologist prescribed compression stockings to help manage the symptoms of POTS.  Basically the stockings are designed to be tight enough that they keep more blood volume in the upper half of my body, thus resulting in less dizziness.

For a few months I wore the full length tights, the ones that cover you from toe to waistband, but I have now moved on to thigh-highs, which are better suited for a tall (5’10”) frame like mine.  They are just wonderful.  A kind of sticky band at the top keeps them in place all day – no slipping down whatsoever, and no painful pinching.  In the picture below, I have the sticky band folded down so you can see it.  When it’s up and in place, the tights are just black all the way up.

Being winter and freezing cold in NH, I’ve been wearing my comfy regular tights from Target over the thigh-high compression stockings.  The thigh-highs on their own would be a bit drafty if you know what I mean!  For winter I’ve been using a thicker opaque material, but come spring I will order some lighter pairs that look more like nylons.

I’ve become a believer in the product, I think they really do work.  And since my thick black winter pair looks pretty much the same as the opaque black tights I’d be wearing anyway, I don’t get that I feel old and sick and frumpy feeling when I wear them.  (The jaunty gentleman on the box doesn’t look like he feels frumpy either.  He looks ready for a day at his Mad Men-esque advertising firm then a wild night on the town involving ladies who are anything but frumpy.)  I’ve been told they have lots of sheer styles for warmer weather, but I’m still a little skeptical about wearing them with shorts in the summer.  I’ll keep you updated.



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  3. Hit post too soon. I meant to compliment you on how well you look in your stockings! I’m envious! You look adorable.

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  4. I wish I could wear any kind of stocking, but when you get as big as I do, they just bind, and not in a good way. ^_^

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