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One of the most important things I learned from my dark 20s is that you have to keep moving mentally.  The stimulation from being sick and in pain is so unpleasant and exhausting that we stop seeking out healthy stimulation.  And then your brain gets murky and the illness/pain quietly starts dictating everything.  Perhaps highlighting moments/images/thoughts within your own personal timeline (whether it’s a mental timeline or an actual journal/blog) can keep us moving forward in even the hardest of times?

* I’m loving that I can get heavy cat food delivered to my door for the same price I’d pay at the store (with 2 day shipping!)  The cats were loving it too.  Thank you Amazon Prime.

* I went to a decoupage event last night at a local art studio .  For $15 you can get to use all their supplies to decoupage two wooden bracelets.  What a good deal and lots of fun – it’s SO easy to do.  I’m going back tomorrow to finish them.

* There’s a lot wrong with the media but something I love is that once it came out that that German Wings pilot was looking forward to “the world knowing his name” (as a result of him murdering all those innocent passengers) the press stopped referring to him by name.  Damn straight.

* How tech savvy are the offices of your medical specialist?  Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center has it’s own app (this is a screen shot) where I can reschedule, ask questions, request refills and even send them a picture of a symptom.  Totally impresses me every time I use it.

* Now Christopher is hardly a high-roller gambler (to me that’s a good thing) but he’s been down to Mohegan Sun Resort & Casino just a few times and is already getting free overnight stays.  He signed up for their Momentum Rewards Card and swipes it every time he sits down to play or buys something in their food court.  Bam – free overnights (most during the week) and even some free tickets to events here and there.  It’s great for me – I’m not really into gambling but love nice hotels with pools and spas.  After our next stay I’m going to write a more detailed post about why casinos can be great for those with chronic illness/chronic pain.

* Got a kick out of this article in The Equine Chronicle (not a publication I usually read, I’ll admit.)  Check out my review of AlignMed’s products here.  Recently I’ve been reflecting on posture a lot (good for your spine, helps appear professional/confident/attractive) and apparently so do judges at equestrian events.


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