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Market Days 2015

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Our little city held its annual Market Days Festival this week and my friend Kate and I took Christopher’s daughter and her friend one morning.  I’m a particular fan of Market Days since my favorite thrift store holds a big tent sale in the street in front of their store, Christopher’s daughter and her friend are particular fans because they like to approach all the venders and collect all the free goodies (logo’d pens, post-its, tote bags, sunglasses, etc) and I think my friend Kate has now become a particular fan, seeing’s how she won $50 that day in a bank giveaway. (#yah!)

We were blessed with a warm but not hot day so I wasn’t sweltering under my hat and long sleeves (#photosensitivity) and Kate was kind enough to carry the thrift store bargains back to the car for me (#feeble #LameAsInUncool #chronic pain) so we could proceed with our walking, cargo-free (#AwesomeGirlfriend).

In the gallery above are some snapshots of:

  • the yummy treats of one vendor
  • my free green sunglasses which (without the bank logo on the side) look like something a hipster would actually pay money for
  • the rocks the girls painted at our local awesome art studio ($1 each = 30 minutes Kate and I could sit indoors on a comfy couch and chat)
  •  My new sharp $8 Calvin Klein jacket
  • The almost identical black rain jacket (tags still on!) I found to replace the one Christopher had to throw out last year due to broken zipper
  • Me channeling 1st season (#Mad Men) Betty Draper in my $2.00 flowy white 2 piece nightdress set

Hopefully this was a great start to a whole summer full of bargain diversions.   #frugal #ChronicallyWithoutIncome

Anyone have fun frugal activities to do with tweens and/or adult girlfriends they care to share?


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