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The House You Live In

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If the words you speak do indeed become the house you live in, this blog-built abode would be furnished with unexpected bargains and free things I discovered or somehow finagled my way into getting (HERE, HERE & HERE), there’d be a whole closet full of gear for my never-ending battle with own body (HERE, HERE & HERE), there’d be lots of books (HERE & HERE), guests would come to expect wiseass gallows’ humor (HERE & HERE), I’d never leave the house without some kind of a plan to control/mitigate potential symptoms (HERE & HERE), and everywhere you looked I’d be pointing out a solution or a recipe that I am sure is THE MOST CLEVER THING EVER (HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE).  There’d be some rooms with closed doors because I find it’s harmful to spend more time in there then you need to (HERE).  But overall it would be a colorful and dynamic house (HERE).  And you’d be welcome.  But not if I have a headache or am watching Fringe (HERE).


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