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Maids, Horses & a (quite possibly) useful travel tip

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While packing up to leave our motel yesterday, I somehow accidentally appropriated this door tag. We’re home now and it’s hanging on the bedroom door. How long do you think I’ll have to wait before a maid arrives? #forever


Our motel was near Saratoga Springs, NY.  We were there to spend a Saturday at the Saratoga Race Track. My initial impression of the oldest sporting venue in the whole of the United States? Crowds (like 10s of thousands of people), ladies in hats (including my pink sun hat) and a generous amount of shade for me (#Lupus Photosensitivity).  Unfortunately, I spent much of the day white-knuckling some severely painful GI spasms.  But I did manage to get this great shot of Christopher, right out of one of my Grandpa’s Dick Francis novels.


A (quite possibly) useful travel tip: I take a body pillow (i.e. extra long pillow) with me for long car rides.  I fold it in half and either gently hug it or rest my arms on it. This helps prevent shoulder and neck cramps by relieving pressure and maintaining your posture.



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