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Living Incurably On A Budget: #YardSaleNinja

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After I recently started following the blog/Instagram account Fun Cheap or Free – Where Frugal Gets a Facelift, I’m feeling less embarassment about my constant quest for low-cost goods.  Christopher’s daughter is always amazed that I can remember all the prices in our local grocery store and am constantly comparing them to other stores/sale prices.  My brain is just built for that kind of comparison shopping, I guess.  I wish I could remember names that well.  Among many others, past posts of mine about living on a budget include:

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Today I’m going to brag about all the yard sale bargains I found on a recent Saturday morning.  My friend Kate drove, loaded my items into the car, and then hauled it into my house for me.  #ShesTheBest   This was my first time intentionally yard sale-ing.  I printed off a list of that Saturday’s yard sales (best time to go I think) from our local newspaper and then organized the list by neighborhood.

 Maybe treat the day like a trip to a casino; bring $40 cash and that’s all you’ve got to spend.  And with all that money you’ve saved, make sure to go out to lunch.  Yard sale-ing is tiring work, you’ll deserve a treat, right?


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