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Living Incurably in Montreal


Last week Christopher and I returned from a 4-day trip to Montreal. ¬†I’d like to share some of the strategies we used to limit my pesky symptoms impinging on our travel. ¬†(Okay the day my symptoms are just “pesky” I’ll be jump-starting my career and running a marathon. ¬†At the same time. ¬†You know what I’m saying.) ¬†Basically we had to focus on my illness a bit¬†beforehand so that we didn’t have to think about it as much¬†during the trip.

Until a few years ago when my counselor started coaching me on traveling strategies, I used to just dive into a trip full-on which always resulted in me spending half the trip seemingly distant & grumpy but really just devoting all my energy on staying on my feet. #Miserable  Now, with a more practical outlook, I enjoy traveling much more.  First, a few fun photos of our awesomely quirky hotel, a repurposed industrial building.

We choose this hotel because of its loft apartment-style rooms which allowed me to nap at one end with Christopher still able to read, be on his laptop, etc on the other end. ¬†Or vice versa, when I’m up with pain at night. ¬†I loved the large open space with sleek modern furniture. ¬†Even riding the elevator to your floor was a memorable experience. ¬†Their industrial-sized lift was decorated to look like a little parlor. ¬†Heres a 1 min 20 sec video:

Now during a past cold-weather trip, I neglected to protect my face from the sun and ended up with a nasty photosensitivity rash.  This time I came prepared with a cold-weather hat with a brim.  Worked great.  (Holla H&M!)

We  also limited ourselves to 1-2 objectives each day.  I believe strongly in the magic of spontaneity, but sometimes it lands you far away from your hotel, never having seen anything interesting, extremely hungry and without anything to take your medicine with.  So we did a little planning each morning and improvised as we wished along the way.

Here I am ¬†at the mesh-like globe that housed the United State’s exhibits during the World’s Fair of 1967. ¬†After returning from our trip, I found out that back then both my mother and my mother-in-law were there, which made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ¬†We also passed on the adventure of a long Metro ride and opted for driving our car for this one trip. ¬†This way we could park across the street instead of walking 20 minutes from the Metro stop. ¬†I will have to make amends to Mother Nature some other, more illness-friendly way.


On the following day we took a break from walking and got tickets for a double-decker hop-on/hop-off bus. ¬†Not only did it take you to all the interesting places of the city but your view was from a second story perspective. ¬†At one point I dozed off (#SleepDisorders) but no one except Christopher noticed (#BigSunnies). ¬†I’d be up for a ride on one of these in any future cities I visit. ¬†Tour companies: I will happily review YOUR tour in exchange for complimentary tickets.


It was a great trip, really liked the city of Montreal. ¬†Oh right…we also got MARRIED! ¬†Hit the town clerk’s office of the last town in Vermont before the Canadian border, just the two of us, just the way we wanted. ¬†#KeepingItReal #Happiness #Love

I hope one of our traveling strategies (and maybe even eloping!) helps improve YOUR next adventure.


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  1. Congratulations, what a wonderful post! I’m so glad you managed to have an enjoyable trip despite the pain. It just goes to show research and investment make all the difference.



    • So glad you liked it! Sometimes I daydream about becoming a certified “Life Coach” – one that’s less touchy-feely but instead specializes in the practical suggestions I’ve collected over the years.



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