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Living Incurably Holiday Photo Edition

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Check out of the reindeer I created from a single branch found in the yard and two pieces of electrical tape.  I’m beyond proud of it, but no one else is as amazed so I suspect it’s one of those obsessions that occur when you stay home way more than anyone else in your household and your perspective starts to skew a little.

Bottom right is the snowy lemon squares I posted about the other day, and top right is the pasta we made from scratch Sunday (all ingredients we already had in the pantry).

Christmas parties.  Ready.  All stuff I already owned.

Making repurposed wrapping paper as a present for Mother Nature.  Packing paper from a delivery box + yogurt cups + acrylic paint (less than a dollar at craft stores).

All are welcome. All.


Hope you’re having as much fun as I am (for just as little money as I am!)


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  1. I think the reindeer is AWESOME! You have a talent for seeing something beyond just a couple of branches.



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