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Rey’s got my back. Or rather, my front.

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Friday night we saw the new Star Wars movie in the theatre.  Loved it.  Loooovvvvveeeed it.  Very enjoyable to watch.  As the seventh movie in the franchise, I of course loved seeing the the force truly “awaken” in a female character for once.

A long time ago in a blog not so far away, I wrote two posts about avoiding the pain inflicted by bras.  The Force Awakens made me think of this post because the main character, Rey, totally’s got my back (or rather, my front) by promoting an outfit that wouldn’t require me to wear a bra.  Due to my muscle sensitivity, I find bras tortuous.  So needless to say, I’m on the lookout for tops inspired by hers.  No costumes please.  Rock on you badass scavenger/future Jedi.


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