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The Reluctant Housewife: Shower Edition


Old, old shower.  Uninterested landlord.  Uninterested husband.  Slightly livid (with the uninterested men) and desperate wife with absolutely no refurbishing experience and limited amounts of strength and energy.  No matter.  After explaining to 4 Lowes staff members what I needed and that I didn’t care what department it came from, my 4th Lowes helper and I finally ended up in the garage door aisle and found the piece we needed – something waterproof that could serve as a type of baseboard where the shower wall meets the bathtub.  After that, he directed me to some waterproof silicone adhesive.  I did little bits of scraping, cleaning and adhesive-ing  on healthy days and eventually one side was done.  It’s been a couple weeks and that first side is still waterproof.  Seemingly a victory for a reluctant housewife determined to upgrade a less than ideal shower.

We do what we can, and some days that’s a lot more than we think.


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