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The Easiest Cake I Didn’t Bake

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Here is a pictorial recipe for the Ice Cream Cake that I made this past weekend.  It’s so easy.  Easier than baking a cake from cake mix.  And less dishes. Plus it’s something different that people won’t expect.


  1. Don’t use too much Cool Whip.  Just enough to serve as glue/frosting.
  2. In-between cake layers feel free to add your favorite candy bar/cookies to add a crunchy layer.  I really recommend breaking your candy/cookies up into crumbles.  As you can see here, I used long prices of KitKat and it became hard to cut once everything was frozen.
  3. I personally swear by store-brand ice cream sandwiches.  Brand names like “Hood” just don’t taste as good.  I go for the cheap box every time.
  4. Amidst birthday excitement I neglected to photograph one phase, but as you can see from the final picture, you cover the whole cake with a thin layer of Cool Whip (then freeze for a while, just to firm everything up) and then decorate with sprinkles/frosting/candy/candles, etc.
  5. When it’s time to cut the cake, keep dipping your sharp knife into a glass of hot water.

Happy Not Baking!


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