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Review of PillPack (NOT sponsored)


This spring I took a chance and abandoned my local pharmacy for a mail order system called PillPack.  PillPack does not just send you your medications by mail but also portions out each dose into little time-labeled packets.  After many weeks of dosage/time adjustments, I am now a huge fan of PillPack and highly recommend it.

I became interested in PillPack because I was increasingly making mistakes counting out my pills into the correct days and times.  No matter how careful I was, I kept making errors, sometimes to very detrimental effects.  But now with PillPack, my medication has gone from being extremely stressful to extremely easy. And here’s the greatest part –  I’m not paying any extra. I pay the same amount of money for my co-pays, I pay no shipping, and in fact I think I pay less for over-the-counter medications like Tylenol.

At certain times in my medical history, my medication schedules were so fluid that this would not have worked for me. However, I’m at a point right now where the few medications that I take irregularly I can order in a bottle and use as needed.

And just to be clear I am not receiving any kind of free anything or perks from PillPack. They don’t even know I’m writing about them.

How PillPack works:

  • Go online to Create an account for yourself using an email address.
  • Enter in all your medications and your dosages well as what time of day you wish to take it.
  • PillPack will then contact your current pharmacy and/or your doctors office to get your prescriptions transferred.
  • Provide your credit card information.
  • Within two weeks you receive a box in the mail (shown above) which includes any bottles you have ordered and also your daily packet dosages attached together in a big wheel that comes out of a dispenser on top. On the side of this box is a very helpful key with pictures showing exactly what each medication tablet looks like (shown above). You leave the wheel in the box and as the time of day arrives you rip off that one little pouch.
  • A new box arrives every two weeks.  This is better than once a month because if you have a medication change, you don’t have to wait as long.
  • You can manage your medications and monthly bill online (see screenshot above) by logging onto your PillPack account online.  It’s a very user-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing website.
  • Going out for the day?  Tear off the applicable packets to take with you, they’re very travel friendly.
  • The PillPack staff is very friendly and helpful to deal with.  While I was still figuring out my times and dosages and making adjustments every week, I emailed back and forth with my requests and they were very patient.
  • You can still, of course, fill any prescription you want at your local pharmacy. Say you’re prescribed an urgent 5-day course of antibiotics, you just bypass PillPack entirely and fill it wherever you want on the spot.


  • Birth-control pills cannot be divided up and put into your daily packs so you have to keep the birth control package on the side. That is a shame because birth control is one of those medications you really can’t forget to take.
  • I think all the boxes and shipping is probably bad for my carbon footprint.  I’m very sorry Mother Nature. I’ll try to make amends in other departments, like not using paper plates.
  • Sometimes when I go to tear a pack off the wheel I accidentally tear open one of the packs and the pills spill out everywhere.

All in all, what a great service.  Made my life a whole lot easier!


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  1. I love this pharmacy. I dreaded the part of the week when I had to open all my little bottles and try to sort my pills into the sorting boxes I had to hunt down. And I would often drop or spill things.

    Now each day I have 4 little packs labeled with the time and my correct dosages due to no effort (or additional cost) on my part. It is nothing short of a blessing. There also easy to take with you to work or on a trip. If you take multiple medications multiple times a day they are unbeatable. You can also add over the counter drugs such as vitamins and fiber. They have very cheap prices on the generic for these.

    They also have superb customer service. They transfer your prescriptions and organize them as you wish. They even notify you if you have an unusual copayment or if a product has been recalled. It takes a little time to get everything correct at first, but their customer service reps are THE BEST, polite, friendly, compassionate and knowledgeable and will straighten it all out for you. I say prayers of thanks I found Pill Pack.



  2. It is services like these that kill community based businesses and leave us all poorer. All the profits go to soulless corporations. You are buying convenience now and selling out your and your children’s future when you use these companies.



  3. I am considering this Pillpack service for both of my parents who are elderly and take lots of meds three times a day. I was wondering what your experience has been now that it’s been over a year since your review?



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