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You can’t go wrong with a wall of colorful balloons

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For a $4 bag of balloons and some rooting around in the basement for clear fishing line, you can create this rather dazzling and extremely fun party photo backdrop.  I followed the instructions of Brit Morin in her book, “Homemakers,” to blow up the balloons (lungs not helium), cut lines of fishing line the height of the wall, attached balloons to the fishing line with a simple knot, and attached one end of each fishing line to the ceiling with clear tape.  I ended up needing around six strands of balloons to fill the space.  Our birthday party guests had a lot of fun glamorosly posing in front of the backdrop, and then eventually, in fits of giggles, became entangled within the strings which also produced some pretty cute photos. (Blurred the kids on purpose in these photos.)  Great fun!  Nice photos.  Highly recommended.


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